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About Akshaya Centre of Excellence (ACE):

We are a consulting and training firm specializing in software project management. While much of our services are based on a global know-how, our outsourcing related services incorporate specialized knowledge of outsourcing to India.

The term ‘Akshaya’ in ‘Akshaya Centre of Excellence’ means“inexhaustible”. We look forward to support our customers continuously with new and relevant insights and ideas that never exhaust.

The Logo contains an image in which a light ray emerges from the brain and makes the tree to bear fruits. The human brain in the logo represents insights of the ACE team and the tree represents organizations. Put together, the logo conveys that

  • Our insights are focused on the business and do not stop at applying methodologies.
  • Our insights, when applied produce or transform results for the organization.
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  • Strategic Delivery Partnership
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You would be interested in our services if you…

Need better visibility and control in outsourced projects…

Do you have a situation where you have strategically outsourced projects to off-shore vendors and you don’t have a technical team with you? And you are responsible for successful delivery by the vendor, but you feel that your visibility into the project and hence control over it is not sufficient? Well, ouroff-shore project careservice could just be for you…

Need an experienced hand for your strategic outsourcing initiative…

Looking for strategically outsourcing part or whole of your IT? Need help in formulating the processes of outsourcing, vendor evaluation, application transition and so on? Outsourcing consulting could very well suit you…

Feel tied up because of inconsistency in delivery…

Lack of consistency in delivery across the organization limiting your business growth?Thinking of project management training for your staff but not sure if training can make real impact on delivery? ACE-PMP could well be the series that you are looking for…

Won a million dollar project but your best project managers are already engaged…

You have won an important project with which you cannot risk failure. But, your best project managers are already engaged and you are left with average project managers. And your senior managers don’t have bandwidth to guide the available project managers to lead the project successfully. If you are consider outside help, you might be interested in our project mentoring services…

Need quick-fix for a project…

Bidding for a new project and need an expert to do the estimates?Important project and you need an expert hand to lead the requirement elicitation? Well, you would perhaps be interested in our project management consulting services…

Need to improve your competency to manage large projects…

As a future project manager or practicing project manager managing small projects, do you wish to become well rounded in project management and fast forward your career track to managing large projects? You would be interested in the ACE PMP series...

Need better work-life balance?

Our ‘fire-in-the-belly manager’ course could provide you a helping perspective… Well, this list can go on; but this much can provide you a good feel for who we are and what we do. Please visit the service-specific pages for more details about our services.

Strategic delivery partnership

Be it growth time or down-turn, IT delivery continues to face stiff challenges such as shortage of skills, volatile requirements, inaccurate estimates and so on. There are solutions to each of these challenges in the form of training, processes and methodologies, but their effectiveness is limited when applied in patches. In order to bring about a comprehensive improvement, organization units have to roll out initiatives that stitch in the above mentioned solutions that can create an integrated,measurable impact on delivery.

Conceptualizing and running such initiatives is quite challenging as –

  • Initiatives have to be run in an atmosphere of business constraints.Factors such as billability, customer related work etc. limit participation of employees.
  • Content of programs should not only be good theoretically, but should also be practically applicable at work. Participants will be willing to participate if the content is going to help them at their work.
  • Learning from the initiative has to be actually applied at workplace consistently to create a wide impact on delivery
  • Improved delivery should actually translate into a better bottom line. These challenges demand that, strategies are needed to stitch in specific solutions and roll them out as part of single initiative.

Looked at in another way, these set of challenges provide significant opportunities for improving delivery and hence business results. Wecall this space as strategic delivery solutions space.

The unique strength of ACE team is that all our consultants have operated successfully in this strategic delivery solutions space. They have lead initiatives that have run successfully in environments of business constraints and have deliveredmeasurable business benefits. We would like to leverage this strength and continue to deliver our services at a larger industry level and help our customers withstrategies to run initiatives that improve delivery effectiveness; Initiatives that can run under business constraints and go all the way to deliver business benefits.Accordingly, all our services – trainin or consulting are aligned to business benefits. More specifically, our programs do not stop at producing intermediate results such as improved skills, but ensure that these skills can be applied at work to bring about improvement in delivery; and when this improvement is achieved across the organization, it can create significant impact on the business results.

In summary, we provide both strategies for improving delivery effectiveness as well as specific programs that can become part of the strategy. On the other hand, if you already have a strategy in place, we can provide the specific services that can be a part of your strategy. In other words, we provide strategic delivery partnership to transform your results.

For more details on strategic delivery initiatives that have transformed business results, please go through the case studies implemented by our consultants …

ACE Team :

The ACE team is made up of people who have successful project experience as well as academic capabilities. On the project side, they have executed large complex projects for global customersand on the academic side,they have presented papers and delivered talks at multiple conferences and industry forums. With this combination, they bring out insights that feature

  • Cutting-edge knowledge from industry and academia
  • Success practices in the industry
  • Learning from the initiative has to be actually applied at workplace consistently to create a wide impact on delivery
  • Tips, tricks and insights based on experience

We hope that with this unique combination our services can go all the way up to transforming your results.

G. Nagaraja

Chief Consultant
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Ashwini Somasundaram

Consultant, Business Analysis
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